reaping the cost of solitude

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Please give me what I want

The child is nagging me at the knees... pulling... begging me to give him something I could not give. He's asking for the little toy up on the shelf just across the room, but for some insane reason, I could not move and get it for him. After a few hours of constant annoyance, the child gives up, takes a chair from the dining room and uses it to reach the oh-so precious toy himself.

...seeing this, I notice that a silly smile took over my face. Relief overwhelms my body. Lights shine and friggin confetti falls all around me. I close my eyes and feel heaven.

While I was busy taking in the moment, this little kid returns the toy and the chair from where it was before, came back to me and stared at me blankly--- he then blurted,

"You're a big idiot."

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