reaping the cost of solitude

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm signing in

More and more people (Filipinos) are signing up on Facebook. Yes. And with each random person trying to add me as a "facebook friend", a voice tells me that I should leave my Friendster blog. It is doomed, like the main site was doomed ages back when Myspace was sizzling to become, though only temporary, the most popular. Likewise, I'm wondering when and how Facebook will crumble and follow in its ancestors' footsteps, and why Filipinos chose not to drop Friendster and move to Myspace. Why now? Why Facebook?

Anyway, blah blah blah. I am finally compelled to use this space, and I am somewhat thankful and relieved, for the most part after finding out Blogger is under the watchful eyes of Google. And there's nothing like finally being able to name the friendster blog "an old friend", a ghost and a skeleton in the closet, a colorful past that I'm glad to hang on my wall- appreciating and examining it in all its ugliness, immaturity, uber-cheesiness, and, of course, beauty.

Welcome me Blogspot.