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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Elections 2010

I'm feeling really political as of late. The Philippine presidential elections will be in two weeks, and I'm sort of 'finalizing' who to vote for.

Ever since the campaigns began, my eyes were fixated on Gibo Teodoro. But last night I came upon some videos of another presidential aspirant, Dick Gordon, on Youtube. I haven't really researched much about him since there wasn't much talk or hype surrounding his candidacy, so I just sort of (unjustly) ignored him.

Anyway, I particularly watched this certain interview conducted by two ABS-CBN newscasters. And oh boy, this guy's really going to town. Sharp tongue, incredibly frank, reminds me of Cebu Mayor Tomas Osmena. His track record is not that bad too. I can see some temper-related problems in his future administration if ever elected, but on the other hand, why should I care about courtesy? And in Philippine politics? As we know it, it's a god-awful mess as it is. For all I care, someone needs to scream at all the incompetent and corrupt officials from the legislative to the judiciary bodies of the gov't.

I'm still for Gibo, but Gordon has become a really close second. We'll see.

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kapi_adik said...

& i actually thought u were an Erap supporter..