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Monday, April 14, 2014

Rewind: The Vending Machine

Do you have a coin? I love coins. I love how they're shaped round and how they vary in thickness and diameter. I love how some are mint shiny, some with little dents here and there, even the ones that have accumulated respectable amounts of dirt & rust through the years. I love them. I love them all.

They may seem so common, so usual, almost superficial that you pay them the tiniest respect, but I adore them wholly; for without them, I would lose my purpose. Yes, they are the very reason I function. I'm a creaky, obsolete vending machine. I specialize in candy. Sweet & chewy. Hard & sour. With or without nuts. Caramel & nougat.  I have all sorts and you can have them all! But bills are beyond me- I need coins. Tingly and simple.

Yes, that feels good. Thank you. I see you've chosen a chocolate bar as you carefully push the buttons on my chest. 421. Snickers. Your confident touch is gentle, I like it. Something turns inside me, and the candy falls on the base of my hollowed insides and slides conveniently to my retrieval slot. You absent-mindedly snag and unwrap the goodie and take one delicious bite after the other... But wait, don't you want another one? Dark chocolate or almond perhaps? How about some gum? Hey... where are you going? Wait-

~ February 2008

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