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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rewind: The Invisible Stranger

Somewhere in southern Cebu, April 2007.

Everything is fine, it says. The familiar voice of a stranger. I've deliberately trapped myself in a worn-out barn after I've absent-mindedly hooked the locks to all the doors and windows. Nothing is going in or out. It's dark. And I can't tell if it's day or night out. But here we are, me and an invisible stranger, staring each other straight in the eye. Mimicking. Amusing ourselves after a chaotic joy-ride down to this basin. We've been going on for days without food or toilet. Slowly starving and poisoning ourselves to death.

I could not really tell what brought us here. But I'm putting my money on those black ink blots. I just can't seem to bring myself to ignore it, so I stared at those too. I stared so hard that it swelled up and filled the universe, and ignoring it became impossible. It became the soil and the air. The earth and the sky. My skin and thoughts. It became the DEVIL. And I ran like a scared little animal. But it followed me everywhere. Watched me as I went about my daily routines. Ate my lunch. Work. Home. Stood at the foot of my bed as I slept.

And after all that's happened, it's still here...  Playing "stare" with me.

(from the friendster blog, August 27, 2007)

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