reaping the cost of solitude

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Rewind: My Peace

1/2 of my soldiers.

Amidst all the chaos that goes through my mind these days, I let myself sit down and realize that things are okay as it is. You can only ask too much from life. But, nevertheless, I am thankful for my one true confidante: Music. Thank you so much for a gift so profound- that all adjectives describe it. I am at peace. I am at home. (Me, April 24, 2006 on my Friendster blog)

My new thoughts...

On Chaos: I admittedly had it easy. Good thing chaos only 'resided' in my brain back then. Nowadays, there's actual literal chaos not just in my head, but physically manifesting in front of me! The upside is, I now have two very beautiful people who have my back. I could not imagine how I would handle this new and evolved chaos without them. I'd probably go insane.

On Music: I am so happy that absolutely nothing has changed about how I feel about music. I do tend to forget to don the earbuds every now and then, but when I do - magic. What seems like a lonely undertaking at first becomes a team effort - all with the right music. (Choosing the right music is in itself a tricky endeavor I struggle with frequently - but I think I'm getting the hang of it.)

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