reaping the cost of solitude

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rewind: Odd Hours

Me and peanuts.

Amidst tousled bed sheets and the cold blue glow of dawn, something rises underneath- a feeling of comfort. Stability. Breaths are steady and the hands of time drag slower than usual. 4:30... and you clutch the blankets as you feel the warmth slowly flee your skin. This strange morning, the world seems to shrink, and for a moment all that matters is this makeshift cocoon of cloth within these boring white walls. A shield from the world asleep only an hour or so from springing back to life... from the constant buzz and honks that accompany the sun's doomed journey to the west.

Time has always favored motion, as beads of sweat are wasted in the endless pursuit of that elusive something, always a dizzying experience with all the flashes of fancy green and flickery lights, and thank god - it's only fitting that the world remains perfectly still for a change. Sparing a few odd hours for silence. Blue tranquil. You feel most lucid. You feel at peace.

(From the friendster blog, July 31, 2007)

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