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Monday, November 09, 2015

Rewind: Shut Up

My mouth is shut. It starts speaking every now and then, and it gains momentum with every word, feeling kind of smart in the process, and then I hesitate and stutter. I shut it yet again, and re-evaluate the words that fall from my lips, pondering- were these appropriate? All the more when the person you're spilling your guts over doesn't really need to know what you're telling them, or couldn't care less. Have you ever had the feeling you are spilling too much information to people who don't need it? And you get misinterpretations, or an awkward silence, or god forbid- nods of charity? I get those within the time frame of my rarely opened mouth at an alarming frequency, which all the more cements my choice to shut up.

(Exhumed from the friendster blog, December 15, 2006.)

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